Antarctic Precipitation, Remote Sensing from Surface and Space


A nice explanation of APRES3 purposes, by Florentin Lemonnier

Florentin Lemonnier attended the APECS polar prediction school. In the program : polar climate, sea ice, modelization and scientific communication...

He produced a nice video, explaining why combining satellites measurements and field measurement is necessary to quantify Antarctic precipitations, and therefore reminds us the reason to be of APRES3.

APRES3, concrete applications!

ESA selected the SPACECARE project for the calibration and validation of the EarthCARE satellite when flying in 2020, using, among other things, radar observations of DDU collected under APRES3.


réalisé avec les outils SPIP développés par le service de communication de l’OSUG.

MAR weather forecast in DDU

A short report of the 2016/2017 summer campaign

APRES3 appeared on TF1 last summer, in the TV-report "Carnet 4" by Michel Izard, a video put online by IPEV, to watch on dailymotion.

The full report si also available.